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Please contact us to discuss your website design requirements. It can often be useful to note websites you like the design of, and to have an undertanding of the type of site you would like prior to calling us. Our speciality is clean, functional and easy to use websites, Websites where the content, and easy access to it, is King!

Website design is priced by qoutation, but can be much cheaper than you think. All of our websites are database driven allowing quick and easy updates by yourself. And potentially unlimited content. Remember Ebay is only made up of about 20 pages, but the Database backend allows millions of products to be displayed. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All our websites are database driven, allowing instant updates in real time, keeping your website up to date, and allowing pages, sometimes hidden, to be tailored to specific pitches. Websites can also contain video. Reflecting the shift for moving images.

The below website, launched June 2017, designed by Ranch Design and built for Metro Imaging Ltd is fully Ecommerce enabled:

Website Hosting

Please note that our hosting is managed. FTP accounts supplied, but email pointing and database creation and administration can and will only be carried out by Overnight images.

Hosting fees:

  • Standard £60 p.a
  • Database driven £120 p.a.

WordPress site and one email address now available for £60 pa plus domain name, . Please note that these sites are delivered with standard themes and the standard initial “Hello World” home screen.

Customisation is available and is charged by quotation. For more info please contact us


Content management systems (cms)

Quite simply, Content management systems allow you to easily update sections of your website, just by going to your own private section of your own website with your choice of browser.

No web programming knowledge is required. This could be useful for pricelists, menus, available products, special offers and many more. The opportunities are limitless.

This is also great for money saving as you don’t need to keep asking your web designer when a change is required. It also keeps your boss happy!

Our content management systems are all written in PHP/MySQL and so require a suitable host, or hosting by OI. These can be easily added to your existing website, or incorporated in a new design. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.[oiblack]

Ecommerce websites

Sagepay and Paypal ecommerce integration with Instant payment notification and production systems.

Whether using Sagepay or Paypal for your Payment gateway, we can program either single item payments, or shopping baskets.

Both Payment gateways offer instant payment notification, allowing production and simple accounting of your online trading.

Production systems allow your staff to see and complete orders in real time. Amazon style delivery labels, invoices, and automated emails speed up and therefore cheapen the production process!

For more information on integrating ecommerce to your website or phone application please contact us.

Apps / Ecommerce Apps

Depending on the purpose, we can create both Iphone and Android mobile phone and tablet Apps. These can also include Ecommerce Paypal gateways, allowing In App payment for physical goods.

Paypal Instant Payment Notifications

Using Paypals instant payment notifications, your website or cloud based production system can be immediately updated with a fulfilled order. While there are many other online payment gateways, with it’s ease of client use, no name or address information needing to be entered, it makes for a very efficient online ordering and production system for dealing with those online orders.

Sagepay payment gateway

While not as flexible as Paypals, we can also offer integration of Sagepays payment gateway, including integration of the gateway with cloud based production systems.

SEO and Responsive design

When creating a new website, or updating an existing site, a Responsive design is now a necessity.

What is a responsive design – Very simply the page will adjust with readable text regardless of whether viewed on a 27 inch Imac or a mobile phone.

To check whether your site is considered responsive by Google, you can enter your URL here:

Google Responsive design

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Recent websites include: – cms / programming / seo – back end production system/custom accounts – programming / design
Metro print sales api – E commerce site for photographers