Ecommerce website for TV Times/Time Inc UK
Ecommerce website for TV Times/Time Inc UK

Ecommerce websites

Sagepay and Paypal ecommerce integration with Instant payment notification and production systems.

Whether using Sagepay or Paypal for your Payment gateway, we can program either single item payments, or shopping baskets.

Both Payment gateways offer instant payment notification, allowing production and simple accounting of your online trading.

Production systems allow your staff to see and complete orders in real time. Amazon style delivery labels, invoices, and automated emails speed up and therefore cheapen the production process!

For more information on integrating ecommerce to your website or phone application please contact us.[oiblack]

Apps / Ecommerce Apps

Depending on the purpose, we can create both Iphone and Android mobile phone and tablet Apps. These can also include Ecommerce Paypal gateways, allowing In App payment for physical goods.[oiblack]

Paypal Instant Payment Notifications

Using Paypals instant payment notifications, your website or cloud based production system can be immediately updated with a fulfilled order. While there are many other online payment gateways, with it’s ease of client use, no name or address information needing to be entered, it makes for a very efficient online ordering and production system for dealing with those online orders.[oiblack]

Sagepay payment gateway

While not as flexible as Paypals, we can also offer integration of Sagepays payment gateway, including integration of the gateway with cloud based production systems.