Search engine (SEO) optimisation and techniques are an area we are hope to help you with! Much of the information regarding the latest techiques is available on the Internet.  For help. Implementing these techniques please contact us 

Our CMS business websites are designed with best SEO practice, and our own techniques. www.accutrainee.com went from development to page one of Google in three days, when first launched.

SEO promotions – For a large project requiring faster visibility, we can run bespoke promotions. Contact Martin for more information.

PPC Management

We can offer SEO advice and guidance for your existing website, or provide planning to ensure your new or revamped website meets the latest SEO advice and guidelines.

While many people are happy to manage their own PPC / Google Adwords campaigns, working in conjunction with yourself, we can initially set up, or manage your continuing campaign, setting budgets and keyword pricing.

To help ensure your website appears and is noticed by major search engines such as Google, we can offer tailored SEO promotions via social media platforms such as Twitter.